Social Core

With a focus on social and economic development, we devote ourselves to thinking and developing responses to social problems of high impact through technology, delivering more than simple lines of code.

Our IT Solutions

We act in the market with the commitment to serve with excellence and dedication, that is why our services and products has been constantly improved with new approach to ensure you a unique experience that yields exceptional results ..

Softwares Development

Based on the international standard of software development our company combines software engineering and process knowledge to develop solutions acording client requeriments .

IT Infrastructure Support

We offer advanced technical support in IT related service, managing logical, physical and virtual environment, with managed security services to minimise and mitigate related risks.

Satellite Internet

We provide broadband Internet via satellite, to areas without Internet signal via optical fiber, designing, deploying infrastructures according to the need of each client.

Websites & E-mail

We leave your brand even more professional providing solutions like (Email and Corporate Website) for you and your company employees, creating unique company identity.

Cloud & Data Housing

New Tech Cloud Service delivers scalable, cloud-based solutions to help you meet business requirements in virtualized environments for application storage and debugging..

Training & Consulting

We offer in-company training and consulting services in IT for companies that intend to develop and/or implement any tech solution without spendinh much time and money.

Quick Overview

New Tech Mozambique is one of the top rated IT Services company based in Beira and Maputo, serving the corporate market offering innovative solutions.
The discovery of new possibilities to create and recombine knowledge for the development of the nation, is our constant motivation. We dedicate attention to learning new market movements in search of opportunities that can add values to local business's and society.

And as a way of sustaining our ideas, we are always thinking of providing quality IT solutions that meet the needs of our customers, offering a variety of products and services at affordable costs, with attention focused:

  • in innovation;
  • in usability;
  • in security;
  • and impact.
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Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help organizations and companies implement and develop answers to social and professional problems of high impact through technology, delivering more than simple lines of code.

Our vision is a company of reference in the technological field that acts on a basis of excellence and quality.


Based on the ISO 9001 Quality Management system, all services and products offered provide a unique experience.

Based on the Occupational Health and Safety Management System - OSHAS 18001, we focus on more comprehensive protection features to meet the most stringent safety and wellness requirements of the harvester..

Based on the ISO 1401 Environmental Management System, New tech is committed to preserving the environment.

New Tech Mozambique does not receive or make payments by financial means or offers in exchange for favors that facilitate the process of contractual loby or any other favors.


Dear visitor, welcome to the virtual embassy of our company, we hope you find the information you are looking for, if you still need more details, please get in touch!.